What Are Some Of The Most Unhealthy Things About A Typical Malaysian Breakfast?

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An amazing product from the well-known nutraceutical Interhealth,USA.

Nutrition - Unique blend of 6 berry extracts :-
1) Wild Blueberry
2) Raspberry
3) Cranberry
4) Strawberry
5) Elderberry
6) Wild Bilberry

What Does Optiberry Do ?
1) Promotes healthy brain function and mental clarity
2) Promotes healthy vision
3) Promotes cardiovascular health
4) Promotes healthy skin
5) Promotes urinary tract health
6) Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
7) Helps prevent the effects of premature aging
8) Anti-angiogenesis (anti-cancer)

Helps For Sickness Below:-
Arthritis & Rheumatic Condition
High Cholesterol
Allergy & Inflammation
Reduction of Collagen
Gum Problems & Teeth
Swelling & Joint Pain
Heart Attack
Cardiovascular System Problems
Urinary Tract Infection
Glaucoma / Cataracts
Digestive Problems
Night Blindness & glare
Poor Appetite
Eye Inflammation
Skin's Problems
Sinuses / Sinusitis
High Blood Pressure
Brain Function Problems
Mental Clarity Problems
Abnormal Menstruation

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Lonely Planet

People say it's better to reach out when you're in despair.
But often it's hard to find a pair of ears to listen, or a shoulder to cry on.

I'm not sure what I'm going through at the moment. It feels like a repeated mundane movie scenes.

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Surprisingly 1Malaysia

I was surprise to watch this video after reading it through an email.
Wow, now only it opens my eyes....how stupid one politician could be.

I have nothing against other races. As for me, I'm comfortably befriended with people from different races and background.

Dear politicians, everyone deserves some respect here in Malaysia.

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The Perfect Saturday

Friday was hectic for me. Chaos all day long at work and forced me stayed back till 8.30pm. Too engrossed with the work till I almost forgot that I need to go back to Kajang on that night so I can fetch dad at LCCT in the wee hours.

Rushing back to home and packed my stuff before headed back to Kajang. Along that long journey back, train of thoughts flooding in my head. I need to make sure dad wouldn't whine a lot this time like the previous one I had. He seemed to complain almost everything from the car and the way I drive.

All the tiny wheeny matters just seemed to annoy him. I still remember how hard I've tried to hold back my tears. It was a torturing to drive with him. What broke my heart back then was, it’s my humble intention wanting to spend time with him by suggesting him to stay a night at Kajang before sending him off again on the next day.

However, this time I still insist to fetch him up so that I can accompany him before he catch his flight to Bintulu that afternoon. I just want to spend time with him.

Even though I have to wake up at 5.30am on Saturday, it was exciting for me. The dark long journey seemed to soothe me while listening to my favourite songs on the CD. I got lost on the way to LCCT but managed to arrive early before dad showed up in front of my car. I was so glad to meet him!

He caught me by surprise when he didn’t even comment or whine on my ‘Baby Milo’ car accessories. Baby Milo is all over the place from the car seats, mirror, gear and steering. Haha, sounds a bit childish huh? Well, the other combination of colours didn’t attract me except that Baby Milo set. Furthermore, Baby Milo is cute ok!

So, that was a good start for me. Hmmm, but except the part where I got us lost on the way to Bukit Bintang. I thought I could find a shorter route to reach KL from LCCT but I was wrong. We went through like 6 tolls before ended up reaching in Kajang anyway. Haih, padan muka berlagak.

Poor dad, he was so hungry. But I’m glad along the way, we managed to engage in conversations which mean a lot to me. For me, I see it as our bonding session. It’s very hard to spend time with dad alone since he has his own family. He’s sort of distance away whenever they are around. Furthermore, Sandra would throw her tantrums whenever dad speaks to me or wraps his arm around me when walking by my side.

Anyway, finally we arrived at BB and had our meals. That was when dad asked me about IPhone 4 and IPad which made me went #_____# ????

I just don’t have that craze for Apple’s which makes me a bit oblivious it. Everyone seems to think that whoever owns it is sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooool. Yeah whatever. I’m still using a keypad phone, so?

Well of course I would love to have one if I have lots of $$$$$$$, don’t you?

But, Dad was right when he mentioned to me that when someone earns that big money their lifestyles change too. It’s all about status huh? Admit it, people are materialistic these days. Guess dad just doesn’t one to be left behind too.

He even shared a story with me about a real estate broker judging dad from his appearance. He didn’t even follow up and called back to him which made dad pissed off and complained about him. It was his loss then when dad decided not to use his service.

Well, even shop assistants do that kind of stuff if you know what I mean. Again, that’s how materialistic we are.

However, I must say I really look up to him as he doesn’t come from a highly educated family neither did he went to university. But he’s been travelling to places for his work. It was just a humble starting when he joined MLNG as a technician and now he’s been working with different O & G companies. What I observed from his is that, his willingness to learn and perseverance have make him the man that he is now. He’s even more advance in catching up with the latest technology trend than his young adult daughter . Isk isk isk.

Also, on that day he shared some tips on money exchange as we hopped from one money exchange booth to another. Meanwhile, in the car he took charge of the car stereo when he suddenly changed my favourite station. Now that I know how he loathes rap music with his imitation of that rapping style which made me giggled in the car. That was a pure joy for me. I was contented for the day.

Even though it was a bit sad to see him leaving after sending him back to the airport again, it’s suffice to say to myself that was the best day I ever had with my dad in my entire life.

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Cold Feet

Dad's reply in the email wasn't actually what I would have expected.
I've expected his rage and disapprovement. I was wrong again. In fact, I was a bit mad at myself for being such a lousy daughter.

Turned out that he was busy with his work..that explained on the delay of the reply. I thought he purposedly avoided the subject that we had like we used to have once.

Cold feet.. Yeah. Suddenly, I just feel like going back to Sarawak for good. To start everything anew. But there are so much to let go here..
I remember how I was determined to have a career here and try to have a life.. Now looking at it, I've just crushed whatever I once dreamt here.

I just feel partially 'dead' here now. Could have be the frustration at work and life. But well, that's everywhere right? I must admit that I do miss my family especially my mum. I know how mum yearns to have her daughters with her. I cried on the phone when having a conversation about mum with Sin Yi whom my family consider as no stranger to the family now when he used to be Sheron's boy friend. I've missed part of their lives in mine. I have and I shouldn't.

Frankly speaking, I've been running away from family for some reasons that I unable to tell. But deep in my heart I know I love and care for them. Now, I just want to be close to them before it's too late.

But will I be happy if I am to be back in Miri? I'm not sure but already I'm thinking of starting it anew in Kuching or somewhere. I don't think I can stand living in Miri because of the past. Or was it me being so bitter about it?

Well, I definitely gonna miss the night life and entertainment here. I cringe to the thought of not able to find friends to hang out with at the club or something. Places to hang out during the odd hours...going out for a movie alone sometimes and enjoying driving through the highway listening to Club Hitz...just those random stuff I love to do.

Ah, Jes...you are my best partner in crime when it comes to clubbing. We always have fun eventhough it's just the two of us and we do rock it! :)
I remember every single moment of it.. every time we hit the dance floor, there's always a story to remember...I love your vibe girl...and thanks for always looking out for me whenever we hang out. :)

Besides that, I just never really had that chance to reallly 'live' in Casa Villa. I mean the last time when I've just occupied the spaces with furnitures and trying to make it comfortable like home, I rented somewhere closer to my working place. There's something about this place eventhough I hate my parking spot.

Since I was young, I never quite feel like having a place I could call home. That's another long story and I just hate how it brings back those awful feelings and memories.
Feel like Casa Villa would be wasted to leave it unoccupied or even renting it out. I mean, unless the tenants would really take good care of the place which I highly doubt about it. I wanted to ask dad why he even bought this place at the first place. Already, I have my own assumption on it and I'll never asked him.

If I really wanna go back to Sarawak, I need my own space. Will I get it? It sounds vague isn't it? Maybe you'll think ..'oh, c'mon stef, that's just a piece of cake. What the hell are you worrying about?'...Hmmm I have different life altogether in Miri. I wish I could fill you in about it. :)
I guess my biggest anxiety now is my career path. I'm losing it again and I'm wondering what have I done in this 2 years after graduating. Feel like I've wasted my degree.

Damn it Jes, you're right. I shouldn't have worry about all of this vague thoughts of 'what if'... the pessimism. I tend to make it real sometimes. Scare the hell out of me.
I'll keep trying to have that content life of mine... I will.

Dad, sometimes there are times when we have misunderstanding. But you really have stand by me at your own different ways which I hope I could comprehend more and to understand you more. I'm nothing without you. You've been trying to expose me to the outside world and I appreciate it. I hope one day, I'll make you proud.

It's almost the end of the Tiger year. I'm looking forward for more prosperous Rabbit year. This year definitely one of the toughest one I'm experiencing but hey, that's life right?

So, are you up for it Stef? Time to go back for good.....I hope.

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Rusty blog now it seems.
Finding it's hard to express my feelings nowadays. I feel...crappy!

Still wide awake during this wee hours. My mind and eyes still wouldn't shut. I'm tired.
I think there are so many stuff I want to blog about but well...I doubt there's any of it soon.

Just a random post here. Sharing one of my current favourite songs from a japanese band, Back-On. Well, some of the listeners are comparing the similiarities of this band to Linkin Park in which I think is absolutely ridiculous. Far out.

Owh, thanks to Vedd for recommending this band into my playlist.

Nevertheless, enjoy this from Back-On feat Mini, One Step and Sands Of Time.
Even though at times, I wish I understand what they were singing about.

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